Before I tell you about my test, I would like to tell you that I have only tried one product out of many on the beauty market.

It is possible that breast augmentation with cream may work for other manufacturers. Here I tell you about my personal feelings.

"Mausi, I've heard of a cream that is supposed to enlarge the breast," I tell my sweetheart during the drive.

Then I tell him that the product costs about 70 Euros and because of an ayurvedic ingredient and highly concentrated hyaluronic acid the fat cells increase in size.

According to the article description, initial results are already visible after four weeks.

My honey smiles. Interesting:"A handful" is in his opinion optimal. Since I am 13 years old I wear the bra size 75 B and I love it. Him too, actually.

But when it comes to helping a little bit in a natural way, without effort and risk, he has at least nothing against it.

All right, I'll get started. Applying cream to your chest and décolleté in the morning and evening is quick. As I am curious about the result, I think about the regular use of the product even when a party lasts until the morning hours.

Four weeks later. Hmmm... no difference yet? Funny. Is my skin softer? As soft as my body lotion from the drugstore. And that costs less than two euros, instead of around 70 euros. What now?

Don't be so impatient, I tell myself and continue my test. Another month has passed. I see no change. All right, I'll go get my tape measure. Just like before.

"Honey, do you see a difference?" I ask my husband. No, nothing. Except that I'd be great the way nature created me. Besides, he would have wondered anyway how you can enlarge your breasts with a cream.

I could have guessed that, too, but it probably won't work. But I'm curious by nature.

Conclusion: At least with me, it doesn't work with the "bigger cream." What are we doing? As I am, I like myself. And if you want to have a bit more, we women have a push-up bra in the cupboard, don't we? Tricks are allowed...

See you next time and many greetings from Elisheba