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Osteoarthritis is currently the most common form of mobility disorder. Many preparations are available on the market to promote joint regeneration, which prevents the development of the disease. Motion Free gel, which has recently gained in popularity, is worth mentioning here. Is this preparation really worth using? Is it effective? It is worth a closer look.

A seated lifestyle has caused the problem that once we've touched only the athletes, we all affect us quite often today. The fault lies in poor nutrition and birth defects. Studies have shown that the problem of joint degeneration is widespread. This occurs in half of people over 40 years of age and up to 80% of people over 55 years of age.

Factors that accelerate the development of joint degeneration are common. The main reason for this is the lack of movement, as it also leads to obesity, which affects the joints and weakens the muscles. Joint stabilization is reduced. However, the problem is not only limited to obese people, but also to physically very active people. Athletes, especially dancers, players, wrestlers or weightlifters.

Joint degeneration also occurs in people who often bend their joints, stay in a position or are exposed to continuous vibration.

Factors that cannot affect are congenital malformations in joint construction, advanced age and genetic factors in the knees, elbow, wrist joints. It is also important that women develop more degenerative disease.

We cannot always prevent the development of the disease, but we can protect the joints so that the disease develops as late as possible and slows its degradation. That's why it's worth using Motion Free. The preparation contains a unique combination of ingredients that are essential for proper functioning of the joint.

The unique combination of ingredients, in optimal proportions, effectively restores joint cartilage, allowing you to regain the right range of motion in the affected joint. In this way, the muscles that keep the joint in the correct position are also reconstructed.

Research conducted under the leadership of leading U. S. experts has shown that regular use of Motion Free can block disease progression and significantly restore arthritis performance.

Behind all the phenomenal efficacy of the ingredients found in nature, it can be supplemented by food, provided we eat at least half a kilogram of fish a day, for example salmon, trout, etc. Of course, assuming that all these important ingredients are caught with such a large amount of fish and would be absorbed by the organism, and that it would be a fish without any fish.

Motion Free contains them all in the right amount. These ingredients are mainly collagen. Motion Free ointment is combined with acacia gum.

Collagen - penetrates the body through the skin, restores normal cartilage tissue structure, strengthens ligaments and relieves joint pain. The density of collagen fibres increases as well as the amount of fibroblasts in the skin, ligaments and cartilage tissue. The increase of fibroblasts is crucial because they are the cells responsible for collagen production in the body.

Gum arabic - is a juice composed of selected species of acacia. It is added to many food products, it is noted E414. Recent research shows that already 10 grams per day of this substance stimulate the development of beneficial bacterial flora in the gastrointestinal tract. At the same time, it slows down the growth of harmful microorganisms. Motion Free ointment provides a uniform texture, an emulsion stabilizer, improves collagen assimilation.

It also has soothing, anti-inflammatory, astringent and emollient properties on the gel application area.

The original composition of the ingredients in a highly concentrated formula ensures that Motion Free is currently one of the most effective solutions for osteoarthritis. The efficacy of Motion Free gel has been confirmed in studies conducted by orthopaedic surgeons. They confirmed that regular use of Motion Free gel accelerates joint cartilage regeneration.

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